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The best auction furs of sable, mink, chinchilla and more to make your fantasies come true
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About us

Gifts from Bashkortostan

Welcome to the world of beauty and grace, where love for the native land is intertwined with the uniqueness of the artistic concept! For more than 50 years, our best craftsmen have been investing all their professionalism and skill in making souvenirs of Bashkortostan. Each of our products carries a piece of the soul of the Bashkir people and faith in their future!
Honoring traditions in our souvenir is not a return to the past, but a rapid leap into the future with a push from the earth itself, from the roots of our ancestors!

Our advantages

A wide range of gifts for any wallet

High quality of manufactured products

More than 6,000 satisfied customers

Delivery by transport companies to any regions of the near and far abroad

Possibility to order gifts with your company logo

Free delivery of goods in Ufa, from 6 thousand